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Relaxing over the weekend...

Looking for the perfect guys can't be that hard right? Besides, they are the ones who work hard on their bodies day and night, take the time to sleep well and eat the right meals. Some do that, but most of them are already naturally blessed with a physique that is perfect even without working out. Some of the ones who work hard at it do get the results that they need. They are at the gym four to five times a week, drink protein shakes and eat chicken breasts every single time. Sheesh! I wish it was that easy.

I chose to relax over the weekend because frankly, I'm exhausted. I haven't been to the gym for a while and I want to get back into it before I go on vacation in May. This weekend is different though. I decided that I will do absolutely nothing this weekend. Relax, watch TV, and sleep early so I can recharge. I want to look like the male beauties in this blog but unlike them, I wasn't blessed with a gene that provides the broad shoulders, the massive chest, arms and legs. I really have to WORK AT IT.

After this weekend, I will definitely try my best to get back into the gym. Every time I take classes at school, my time management skills go down the drain. I have a hard time coping with the stress of studying over the weekend and making sure I'm on the up-and-up on my studies. I need to work on that as well.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend... just remember, it takes two weeks before any improvements are noticed when you're working out so don't ever give up during the first week thinking nothing is happening. Wait two weeks and then see - - you'll be more motivated by the results then.

Sometimes it just won't fit.

Online love affairs can be successful - don't get me wrong. But from my experience, it has never worked. It is totally different when you speak to someone online, chat via Skype or Yahoo Messenger - or even chat over the phone than meeting someone in person. I have met so many guys online in my time. We could have easily clicked over the phone and thought we were so in love with each other. Then, the moment of truth comes and you meet in person. The fire fizzles... it dies.

Why does that happen? I can't know for certain but I know I've learned my lesson. Instead of hurting someone or get hurt in the process of online dating, I would never want to get to know anyone online again. It's either I get hurt, or I hurt someone because the chemistry online is simply not the same in person.

Has that ever happened to you? What are your thoughts on dating someone online? Is Cyberlove the way to go? Personally, I don't think so.

I recently gave it another chance. Maybe - - jussst maybe it will work. It didn't. It was my fault because I should have known better. I ended up hurting someone who's totally sweet and kind. I thought that I could make it work. I thought, I'm more mature now and can handle an online relationship. I was wrong.

So folks, if you are thinking about it or going through an online relationship - - think twice. No, think thrice! It may be better to end it now and hurt someone than drag it on only to do the same thing later. Take my advice. I just went through it.

While you're thinking - - here's Jon Micklow from AAG. Enjoy!

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Are you college jock-friendly? For some reason, I am.

I don't know what it is. Maybe because I am polite, or maybe because I look safe enough. I usually am very friendly with people. Jocks or not, I hung out with them in High School and College. There were no bullies (at least in my case) who made fun of me or took advantage of me. I simply got along with all kinds of guys.

One thing that I am curious about is that why would jocks hang out with me. They seem to even act as big brothers to me, protecting me from harm. If anyone made fun of me (no one did), I felt as if one call to any of my college jock friends would intimidate the heck out of anyone who dared.

I guess I was lucky that way. Some people don't have the same experience. They were bullied and even sometimes, taken advantage of. Most of the jocks I knew had bigger hearts than you can imagine. It just didn't show judging from their exterior. But in all honesty, jocks can be great buddies. You still have to pick 'em though. Some are just downright bullies.

To all my jock friends, thanks! This one is for you!

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